I help women entrepreneurs and designers in the fashion industry struggling with stress and anxiety to thrive not just survive


Do you struggle with overwhelm and anxiety at work?

  • Do you feel that stress is having an impact on your mental health and wellbeing
  • Do you feel exhausted and like you are running on empty?
  • Do you feel that you are lacking in confidence and experiencing self-doubt?

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“When I met Kate I was burnt out, suffering from the physical, mental and emotional effects of long-term stress. I found myself “misplaced” in an organisation where my key skills and attributes were being overlooked and my work undervalued. I was stuck in a professional rut and needed someone I could trust to help me find a way forward. Genuine, empathic and hugely empowering, Kate helped me turn my life around. I began to challenge negative thoughts and beliefs, focus on my key strengths and innate resources, and use mindfulness to promote greater well-being and resilience. Kate is a formidable mentor and coach who will help you develop the tools you need to weather any storm.

Sarah Burrell

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