I help women entrepreneurs in the fashion industry to prevent and recover from burnout so they can thrive and create a life they love


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Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Are you are lacking motivation and not enjoying your work?

Are you doubting your ability and feel like giving up?

These are some of the symptoms of BURNOUT  

Burnout will not go away by itself, it just gets worse unless you address the underlying issues

Act Now! Because if you do nothing then nothing will change

If this resonates with you contact me. I am very happy to have an informal friendly chat about how I might help you

You can book a no-obligation call at kate@finerthinking.com or message me at www.linkedin.com/in/kate-darbyshire-evans

"Before working with Kate I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed, lost and uncertain about where I was going with my new business. Doubts were creeping into my ideas and I was letting other people's comments negatively affect me. I wasn't sure how I could move forward or progress and my confidence was low.
Right from the outset being coached by Kate enabled me to pinpoint the problem areas and work through them to find the right solutions for myself.

 My experience of being coached has helped me in many ways:
• To value myself
• The importance of prioritizing self-care and ME time
• To be confident in myself, my ability and my business
• How to use my time more effectively and efficiently
• To take control, make decisions and act on them
I think overall the greatest difference from being coached is gaining the clarity and awareness of what I need  to do to achieve my business goals and knowing I am far more resilient and have the tools to be able to cope  with any challenges I come across. I am very excited to be launching my brand very soon."

Sharon Finch

Freelance Apparel Designer & Consultant & Founder of HEXED sustainable loungewear 

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