About Kate Darbyshire Evans

Why I help female entrepreneurs build their resilience to prevent overwhelm and burnout

Prior to qualifying as a coach I had 25 years experience in the highly competitive and demanding world of fashion. As a Board Director in Design and Development I often worked with many entrepreneurs who ran their own businesses. Although it was exciting, they also often talked about how managing a small business could be very stressful. They found it could be isolating and the responsibilities were great. They also had  concerns regarding finances, lack of motivation and working very long hours. In many instances we shared the impact of the negative effects of stress and overwhelm.

I experienced stress and burnout as a result of working long hours, a huge workload and demanding deadlines. It was a very challenging time and I lost confidence and doubted my ability. I loved working as a fashion designer so I decided to learn how to manage the stress that was inevitable in my chosen career.

Finding the courage to ask for help and support was the first step in my journey to build my resilience and wellbeing. It has transformed the way I respond to challenging and difficult situations. It has enabled me to become mentally stronger and happier.

Starting my own coaching business was challenging but my experience led me to want to help other female entrepreneurs to empower themselves to prevent overwhelm and burnout. Being resilient is essential to face the challenges that entrepreneurs encounter.

The good news is that you too can learn to rethink your response to stress.

Resilience is the positive mindset that helps you to thrive in challenging situations and to cope to maintain your wellbeing. It can enable you and your business to thrive and flourish with the same passion, energy and enthusiasm you had in the beginning. Putting your wellbeing and resilience at the centre of your business is key to sustaining it long term.

Coaching experience

I qualified to post graduate level as a business and personal coach with one of the UK’s leading training institutions, Barefoot Coaching. I have been practicing as a resilience and wellbeing coach for 10 years in my own practice, Finer Thinking. I am skilled at connecting people with their resourceful selves, their ideas and actions that cultivate success.

I use a variety of evidence based coaching techniques including positive psychology, NLP and transactional approaches. I offer coaching and training in resilience and stress management for individuals as well as teams. My coaching practice echoes my values which are honesty, respect, integrity, self development, commitment, accountability and kindness.

I give talks about my own experience of overcoming stress and adversity and the importance of building resilience. I write articles on stress management, resilience and wellbeing that are featured in Psychologies online magazine. https://lifelabs.psychologies.co.uk/users/179171-katherine-darbyshire-evans/content