About Kate 

I specialise in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs and designers to thrive and succeed in the industry they love and be well rewarded for the work they do

What problems can I help you with? 

  • feeling that anxiety and stress are preventing you from succeeding in the industry you love
  • feeling that you are just surviving not thriving
  • lacking in confidence and doubting your ability
  • feeling pressured working to tight deadlines
  • scared you might lose your job or your business
  • thinking that everyone else is a better designer or entrepreneur than you
  • dealing with negative feedback or criticism from your clients, your boss or your peers
  • you don't feel your value is being rewarded
  • anxious about presenting your ideas, perfectionism and procrastination
  • your mental health and wellbeing is suffering. Lacking in energy, stamina and motivation
  • boundaries are blurred between work and the rest of your life with no time to rest or enjoy
  • if you do nothing then nothing will change to improve your stress levels or wellbeing

Who is it for?

I work with designers, entrepreneurs or sole traders in the fashion industry who want to:

  • thrive with passion, energy and enthusiasm in an industry they love
  • be their resilient and resourceful best to confidently manage whatever challenges and situations they encounter
  • be successful and well rewarded for what they do

You always have a choice in the way you respond to adversity and the challenges and difficulties life throws your way

Why resilience is the key to success?

Resilience is the positive mindset that helps you to thrive in challenging situations and the ability to cope with stressful events. The good news is you can increase your resilience at any time in your life and you will see benefits in all areas of your life.

It can enable you or your business to thrive with confidence and  enthusiasm and you will find new ways of responding to challenges and turn difficulties into opportunities. Putting your wellbeing and resilience at the centre of your life is the key to success.


My story from designer to entrepreneur

I always dreamed of being a designer but it was a shock moving from being a student to landing my first job where I was expected from day one to be producing the designs that were keeping 120 people in work and a boss who wanted to make a major change by moving from wholesale to producing collections for independent retail shops and to attract the major store groups. What a challenge! I so wanted to succeed and I worked hard at fulfilling the expectations with few resources and putting in very long hours. Of course I was tired and anxious but gradually I started to feel overwhelmed. Instead of taking notice and doing something about it I carried on pushing myself until I couldn't carry on. It was a very challenging time and I lost confidence and doubted my ability. I didn't realise how overwhelmingly stressful and challenging the demands could be at times. As a result of ignoring the early signs I suffered anxiety that led to panic attacks and burnout.

I felt I couldn't ask for help as I thought I'd look weak and I was scared that I might risk losing my job.

Finding the courage to ask for help and support was the first step in my journey to build my resilience and wellbeing. It wasn't something that was easy to do as but with the right support I began to see positive changes which gradually benefitted all aspects of my life. But it was the best thing I ever did as it helped me transform the way I responded to challenging and difficult situations.

Becoming more resilient and finding the strategies that worked for me enabled me to become mentally stronger, and much happier and I regained the confidence, self-worth and energy to persevere, progress in my career and achieve my goals to become successful, valued for my skills and financially well rewarded.

I loved my career and helping others enjoy it too was a natural and obvious choice for me.  I wanted to help other creative professionals to empower themselves so that stress would not stop them from enjoying a successful and fulfilling career in an industry they love.


Kate Darbyshire Evans - Resilience and Wellbeing Coach

Prior to qualifying as a coach I spent 25 years in the fashion industry, initially as a designer and later a Board Director in Design and Development. I often worked with other designers and entrepreneurs who ran their own fashion businesses. Although it was exciting, they often talked about how working in the fashion industry, with its unique pressures, could be very stressful and for some, including myself, overwhelm and anxiety had led to burnout.

I qualified to post graduate level as a business and personal coach with one of the UK’s leading training institutions, Barefoot Coaching. I have been practicing as a resilience and wellbeing coach for 10 years in my own practice, Finer Thinking. I am skilled at connecting people with their resourceful selves, their ideas and actions that cultivate success.

I use a variety of evidence based coaching techniques including positive psychology, NLP and transactional approaches. I offer coaching and and training in resilience and stress management for individuals as well as teams or groups. My coaching practice echoes my values which are honesty, respect, integrity, self development, commitment, accountability and kindness.

I give talks about my own experience of overcoming stress and adversity and the importance of building resilience. I write articles on stress management, resilience and wellbeing that are featured in Psychologies online magazine. https://lifelabs.psychologies.co.uk/users/179171-katherine-darbyshire-evans/content

If you want to stop anxiety and overwhelm preventing you from being successful and enjoying the industry you love then take the first step and BOOK a Complementary Stress Breakthrough Session or contact kate@finerthinking.com