Stress, anxiety and overwhelm are common place in the fashion industry and with very little support it can lead to burnout. The industry has it's unique pressures that can negatively effect the talented, creative professionals who work in it.

About Kate 

From stressed designer to successful board director

I always dreamed of being a designer but it was a shock moving from being a student to landing my first job where I was expected from day one to be producing the designs that were keeping 120 people in work and a boss who wanted to make a major change by moving from wholesale to producing collections for independent retail shops and to attract the major store groups. What a challenge! I so wanted to succeed and I worked hard at fulfilling the expectations with few resources and putting in very long hours. Of course I was tired and anxious but gradually I started to feel overwhelmed. Instead of taking notice and doing something about it I carried on pushing myself until I couldn't carry on. When I look back I was really struggling and I lost confidence and doubted my ability. I didn't realise how overwhelmingly challenging the demands could be. I certainly hadn't realised it was going to be so stressful. As a result of ignoring the early signs I suffered anxiety that led to panic attacks and burnout. I felt I couldn't ask for help as I thought I'd look weak and I was scared that I might risk losing my job. Finding the courage to ask for help and support was the first step in my journey to build my resilience and wellbeing. There was no support at work, there was no HR or anyone responsible for the wellbeing of the staff. In those days mental health and stress was not discussed openly and I felt very isolated and felt I should be able to manage it alone. Asking for help wasn't something that was easy to do but I knew I had no alternative. With the right support I began to see positive changes which gradually benefitted all aspects of my life. Of course it didn't work overnight but with my commitment to invest in my mental wellbeing it helped me transform the way I responded to challenging and difficult situations. It also led me to want to help others in a similar situation. Learning practical strategies that worked for me enabled me to become mentally stronger and much happier. I regained the confidence, self-worth and energy to persevere and progress in my career and achieve my goals to become successful, valued for my skills and financially well rewarded.

Resilience and Wellbeing Coach

I specialise in helping women professionals in the fashion industry discover how to reduce their levels of anxiety and overwhelm so they can thrive and succeed in the industry they love and be well rewarded for the work they do.

Prior to qualifying as a coach I spent 25 years in the fashion industry, initially as a designer and later a Board Director in Design and Development. I often worked with other designers and entrepreneurs who ran their own fashion businesses. They often talked about how working in the fashion industry, with its unique pressures, could be very stressful and for some, including myself, overwhelm and anxiety had led to burnout.

I qualified to post graduate level as a business and personal coach with one of the UK’s leading training institutions, Barefoot Coaching. I continued to study with experts in stress management and resilience so that I could expand my knowledge to offer my clients the best service I can. I have been practicing as a resilience and wellbeing coach for 10 years in my own practice, Finer Thinking. I help clients to build their own resilience toolkit so they can manage stress and the challenges they face personally and professionally with calm and confidence.

I use a variety of evidence based coaching techniques including positive psychology, NLP and transactional approaches. I offer coaching and and training in resilience and stress management for individuals as well as teams or groups. My coaching practice echoes my values which are honesty, respect, integrity, self development, commitment, accountability and kindness. Coaching is confidential,non-judgemental and supportive.

I give talks about my own experience of overcoming stress and adversity and the importance of building resilience. I write articles on stress management, resilience and wellbeing that are featured in Psychologies online magazine.

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