Is feeling stressed getting in the way of your success and impacting on your quality of life?

As an entrepreneur or a designer are you feeling so overwhelmed with your workload, anxious about reaching your deadlines and creating designs that will be commercially successful that you neglect your own health and wellbeing? Do you feel like you are constantly having to prove you deserve to be in your job? If left unchecked stress can lead to burnout. But it doesn't have to be this way

It’s time to take action - Do something today that your future self will thank you for

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How coaching can help you successfully manage stress and build your resilience

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a designer in the fashion industry you are probably used to being self-reliant but it doesn’t mean to have to go it alone when it comes to addressing your feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. Working with me as your coach can empower and support you to making positive and sustainable change in the way you live and work to reduce and manage stress and the way you respond to challenges. It will enable you to reach higher levels of achievement, personal fulfilment and a greater sense of wellbeing.


How will you benefit from one to one coaching?

I will help you create your Personal Resilience and Wellbeing Toolkit with practical and proven strategies that will make positive and radical changes to the way you respond to stressful and challenging situations.

By investing in yourself coaching can help you to:

  • be stronger and more resilient with your own resilience toolkit
  • be able to control your responses to stressful situations and demands
  • be able to embrace positive stress and make it work for you
  • have increased confidence and self-belief
  • have improved health and wellbeing
  • feel empowered to make the most of your strengths and talents
  • have increased motivation and energy levels
  • be more decisive and productive
  • be more effective in communicating intentions
  • be well rewarded for what you do
  • Enjoy and feel fulfilled in the industry you love and want to succeed in


What will you expect and experience in a coaching session?

  • One to one coaching is life changing, powerful and focused and allows you to take a step back and gives you a safe space to find the right solutions and get the results you want.
  • Coaching begins with really listening to you, to understand your situation and what you want to achieve.
  • A coaching relationship is confidential, non judgmental and focuses on building a relationship of trust, respect and accountability with you.
  • Coaching is a conversation, a partnership between you, the client and your coach. I will ask insightful questions and challenge you to help you find the right solutions for you.
  • I will help you access the various tools, resources and ongoing support you need to manage stress but it is up to you to commit do the homework

I am a qualified and accredited Business and Personal Coach and studied with Barefoot Coaching, a UK leader in coaching education. with many years experience and I also attend supervision and CPD. Coaching and supporting people is my passion.

I should point out that I am not a qualified medical practitioner, psychologist, counsellor or therapist.