Book a Complimentary Stress Breakthrough Call

What you can expect from the call

This 40-minute call is an opportunity to meet and to focus on:

  • to listen to you and find out what you are struggling with
  • to understand your needs and what you want to achieve
  • to learn about how I can help you to achieve your goals
  • to find out if coaching is right for you and determine if we are the best fit to work together

If you are experiencing burnout it can seem like the end, but it’s not. I know from own experience of suffering burnout and those of my clients that you can recover and prevent it happening again.

Stress is inevitable but burnout is not. By making changes to how you think, work and take care of yourself, you can make a complete recovery and put the vitality back into your life

If you would like to book a Complimentary Stress Breakthrough Call, please complete the short form below and I will get back to you within 48 hours

I look forward to meeting you on the call

Kate Darbyshire Evans - Burnout Coaching for Women in the Fashion Industry

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