“Since working with Kate I have seen a tremendous difference in both my business and personal life. Kate has coached me on how to work on my business rather than in it and to attract the right type of clients which has meant an increase in profit of at least 30%. This has given me a solid base and the confidence to continue to grow the business even through difficult times.

Thanks to Kate I have also managed to work on my own health and wellbeing which gives me more energy and a positive outlook. If I am ruminating over a problem, whether business or personal, I now working with Kate will help me to find the right course of action and help me move on. I highly recommend Kate as a business and personal coach. Working with her has made such a difference to me in so many ways.”

 Jill Hughes

“Working with Kate helped me to instigate change through an improved understanding of myself: my hopes, fears, aspirations and importantly, my goals and values. I have learnt how to play to my strengths and confront my fears. Having a better understanding of who I am and what is important to me, has helped me to better articulate my decisions and stick by these. Coaching requires honesty and commitment - to achieve these, one needs support and I couldn't have asked for a more supportive, genuine and caring coach than Kate. I felt heard, understood and never judged. Thank you Kate for all you have done to empower me to get to where I am today.”

Neena Jivraj Stevenson

“Kate is an inspiration to work with, and has encouraged and helped me to develop on both a Business and personal level, with her excellent coaching and guidance skills. She has an intuitive ability to see beyond facts and detail and is great fun to be around whilst doing so. I regard Kate very highly and I would highly recommend working with her.”

Sam Beckford

“I came to Kate because I wanted to help in setting my fees. I also wanted help to have the confidence to have that initial call with potential clients and I didn’t have the confidence in my own value, my skills or my self-worth and how much my services were worth to my clients. Having worked with Kate I have now got a series of fees and I am comfortable when a potential client contacts me. I do not now rush in to offer discounts so I feel completely comfortable and my business is thriving. Thank you Kate. It’s been brilliant. You are a great coach.”

 Sue Gray

“Kate's ability to listen to her clients with rapt attention, to build a relationship of trust and rapport from the onset and to enable a client feel at ease with their own thoughts, combined with her pragmatic approach of inviting the client to look at what works well for them, rather than focusing on the problem at hand, are pivotal criteria which define her as a highly skilled coach. Her warmth and elegant grasp of dialogue- structures is infused with asking well-formed questions. This is what sets her apart when working with individuals, be this 1:1, or within a company-structure. She quickly helps clients get to the nub of an issue, by guiding them to find and apply their own solutions. Clients who are considering working with Kate will be impressed with her integrity, dedication and professionalism.”

 Yasmin D