I work with leaders, managers and employees to build their resilience to:

  • Equip them with the vital skills they need to thrive in the work environment
  • The ability to reframe workplace problems or put them into perspective
  • Acquire skills that can be applied to both working and personal life
  • To increase overall wellbeing and career satisfaction

What is resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure and being able to bounce-back from challenges or adversity and go again with more resourcefulness.

Resilience is a combination of personal characteristics, thinking patterns and learned skills but most importantly resilience can be learnt and developed at any time in your life. 

Why is resilience important to develop in small businesses?

Developing resilience is more important than ever in these fast paced, uncertain times where change is constant and the need to learn to survive, adapt, recover and thrive is the key to success.

Owners of small businesses are often are weighed down with the needs and responsibilities of the business and as a result can neglect their own wellbeing and those of their staff.

New research reports soaring stress levels among UK’s small businesses

'The study of 500 small business owners found that more than 8 in 10 (83 per cent) have experienced stress in the past six months, with almost half (49 per cent) saying they have been more stressed than normal and 17 per cent admitting they are ‘highly stressed’. 
HR News Posted on Mar 7, 2019

How will resilience coaching and training benefit you and your business?

By investing in resilience coaching and training you will give your business a competitive advantage.

The benefits of equipping yourself and your employees with the capacity to be more resilient are wide-ranging and considerable.

They include:

  • Reduced work absence and staff turnover due to stress
  • Increased productivity resulting from improved decision making
  • Increased motivation and engagement of employees
  • Increased confidence and self-awareness
  • Increased collaboration and positive working relationships
  • Ability to respond rather than just react to challenges and change
  • Ability to recognise stress in yourself and others
  • A happier, healthier working environment for everyone 

When you and your people thrive, your business thrives.