Why work with me?

Because I learnt first hand how important resilience is having personally experienced burnout. Burnout is gradual process and although I realised I was under pressure I didn’t take action soon enough to deal with the symptoms I was experiencing. My workload was increasing by the day and there were very tight deadlines to meet. I was also working long hours with few resources or support.

I failed to prioritise my own wellbeing because I was so driven to be successful, thought I should be able to manage it all myself and I didn’t want to let anyone down. After all the 120 people that worked in the business were dependent on the success of my designs and collections.

However by not prioritising my health and wellbeing I experienced:

  • Lack of confidence in my ability
  • Inability to ask for help or say ‘No’
  • Feeling of isolation
  • Indecision and procrastination
  • Lack of sleep due to worry and sheer volume of work
  • Lack of creativity and problem solving skills
  • Physical symptoms – headaches, tight chest, blurred vision
  • No energy

Ignoring how I was feeling resulted in panic attacks and I was forced to take time away from work, which didn't help me, my colleagues or the business.

How I learnt to be more resilient and went on to have a successful career

I asked for help. I worked with someone who I immediately felt a rapport with. I felt relaxed and comfortable. It was wonderful to be really listened to without judgement or interruption. I felt safe in opening up and sharing my vulnerabilities with someone I could trust and was focused on helping the right solutions for me. After listening to my story my coach said I had all the innate resources, skills and abilities to achieve my goals and together we could work to develop my resilience and increase my confidence to deal with the effects of burnout and the challenges I would face in life. I left the session feeling like a weight had been taken off my shoulders and with a “can do” attitude. It was a real light bulb moment for me and was the start of a journey of personal development.

I recall these words that made such an impact on me and I regularly use to inspire and motivate my clients. 

“We are disturbed not by stressful things, but by the view we take of them.”

Based on a quote by Epictetus

You always have a choice in the way you respond to adversity and the challenges and difficulties life throws your way.

The coaching process I went through to learn how to build and maintain my resilience was fundamental to my personal wellbeing and success.

Of course it didn’t happen overnight and it required both commitment and practice, but it was definitely worth it. I went on to have a very successful and fulfilling career in the fashion business, which I loved, and subsequently began another career as a coach having been so inspired by my personal experience of the power of coaching.

Why I chose to train as a coach in resilience and wellbeing?

Having benefited myself I became very passionate about learning more about resilience and sharing the tools and techniques when training and developing staff. It eventually led me to choose to qualify as a professional coach focusing on resilience and wellbeing. I love to work with owners of small businesses, their employees, sole traders or individuals who want to reduce the effects of stress and learn the skills and techniques to enable them to become more resourceful and manage with confidence, positivity and creativity the challenges and constant change they face.